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DragonHeart Studios Our story starts with Adam Salsbury.  Adam has a passion for games of all types and has spent many hours learning about what makes a game fun.  For a long while he made his own unique games for family and friends to play and enjoy.  His dream for a very long time was to create unique board, role-playing and card games for everyone to play and enjoy!  However, he was lacking certain skills that are requisite for such games such as drawing and other graphical design skills.  Luckily, Mr. Salsbury met Steve Zimmermann, whose skills at graphic design far exceeded his own. So, in 2014 Adam started Dragon♥Heart Studios.  At first, Steve approached his assistance as a hobby or a pastime.  Soon however, it was clear; the two of them would approach game design and production seriously.  Work immediately began on Escape-Pod, a cooperative game that Adam had made for his friends. The dynamic was immediately felt.  Both Adam and Steve were working to better each and every idea the other had.  They worked tirelessly on designing, play testing and producing Escape Pod and in January of 2015, Escape Pod was finally finished and ready for mass consumption. Dragon♥Heart Studios is dedicated to creating unique and engaging games that span multiple genres.  At our core, we desire to have games that come out in series.  Games that can be played separately or one after the other.  This allows for much longer gaming sessions.  Sessions that are certainly different each time and allows for games to affect subsequent ones.  For example: Escape Pod is the first in the series, to be followed by Outpost and finally Assault.  Each game builds off the previous or can be played separately.  We promise to keep this tradition going! Dragon♥Heart Studios has an internal policy of “No deadlines”.  This ensures that we never rush a product because we “have to get it out”.  We want our products to be complete and thought out so that you, the consumer, will have the greatest times playing our games.  We scrutinize over every detail so that every game is perfect, just for you. We do not however, bring this policy to external affairs.  We promise to always be prompt and courteous to you and your concerns (although we’re convinced you won’t have any!).   We are open to everyone’s ideas.  After all, we make games, not for ourselves, but for you.  We want to make sure your desires are our desires.  We want you to have the best possible games that we can imagine. We have dozens and dozens of spiral bound notebooks, filled with hundreds of ideas that Dragon♥Heart Studios has created.  Many of those ideas have been play tested through our 3 phase system Phase 1:  Create an idea and write it down.  This process usually takes the longest as it requires virtually every detail of the game to be thought through.  We evaluate how every rule of the game interacts with every other rule and ultimately the players themselves. Phase 2:  Create an early prototype and reevaluate.  This is the most interesting part of our process.  We create paper prototypes of our games, usually through programs such as Microsoft Paint or Adobe Photoshop.  Most of the pieces are made of paper.  This provides an extra challenge when our Chief of Operations sneezes, sending an army or orcs flying across the room!  We use this time to revise any rules or add and take away as necessary. Phase 3:  Create a full prototype and reevaluate.  This process requires our graphical team to get to the details of the game board as well as our cards or other pieces.  If necessary, we change our pieces or requirements of the game.  Sometimes this leads to rules being removed or innovative ones added. We know that you are going to LOVE our games.
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