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Become the most ruthless pirate in the Spanish Main! The Spanish Main is yours for the taking! All you have to do is defeat the other pirates who would see you to Davy Jones' Locker! Pillage the towns of the Spanish Main, make your ship fat with piles of gold doubloons, and be the most cutthroat buccaneer on the high seas! During game play each player rolls dice to gain movement on the board. On the game board there are Privateer and Buccaneer spots scattered to either help or hinder your chances of becoming the most cutthroat buccaneer on the high seas. With 5 Spanish towns ready for the taking, players need to choose wisely their path to victory. Collect all 5 cities or make your friends surrender to win! Amount of players: 3-6 Play time: 30-60 minutes Primary Mechanic: Dice Roll, Draw Cards Play Difficulty: Medium (Mild Strategy) Player Skill: Low/Medium Game Manual: Cutthroats.pdf