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Dragon Heart Studios offers a wide variety of games for all ages and playing abilities. We are committed to making games that are both challenging and fun. Use the tabs to your left to explore all of our games. Escape POD The Captain signals... "RED ALERT" Moments later you and your crew will gather together and defend yourself from the alien menace. The only option is to escape the ISS Powhatan and destroy the ship before it enters Celeritas orbit. In Escape Pod, you and up to four of your friends play as a crew on-board the doomed ISS Powhatan. After making a delivery to an outpost on the border world Junxi, mysterious aliens begin to destroy the ship. You and the crew must work together to self-destruct the ship before it enters Celeritas, a faster than light slipstream, and spread the alien menace across the United Planetary Federation member worlds. Each player has special abilities that can assist you in your mission. Stop the aliens and make it to the escape pod before its too late! Cutthroats Become the most ruthless pirate in the Spanish Main! The Spanish Main is yours for the taking! All you have to do is defeat the other pirates who would see you to Davy Jones' Locker! Pillage the towns of the Spanish Main, make your ship fat with piles of gold doubloons, and be the most cutthroat buccaneer on the high seas! Rats! Escape from the sinking ship, before its too late! Rats! is a fun, fast paced family game for 3 to 6 players! Explore the doomed S.S. Sacagawea to find the ladders to the upper decks before its too late! But be careful, as your opponents will try to slow you down with holes and cheese! Rats! has great replay-ability with a different ship layout each time. With 46 cards in the deck to slow your opponents down or speed yourself up, there is always a surprise waiting around every corner! Moonshiners Connect with your inner Hillbilly and make more moonshine than your competition! Transform yourself into one of 6 Hillbilly characters in this crazy game of making moonshine and sabotaging your competition deep in the woods of the South! Be the likes of Cletus, Mary Beth, Buck, Cooter, Betty Lou, and John Boy while making sure the sheriff doesn't spoil your fun! Moonshiners is a resource based game where each character has a different recipe to make moonshine. Using the resource deck, players will find sugar, water, corn, yeast, and barley to make 5 moonshines first and win. But BEWARE!!! There are cops lurking nearby to bust you as well as your competition to try to steal your moonshine!