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Connect with your inner Hillbilly and make more moonshine than your competition! Transform yourself into one of 6 Hillbilly characters in this crazy game of making moonshine and sabotaging your competition deep in the woods of the South! Be the likes of Cletus, Mary Beth, Buck, Cooter, Betty Lou, and John Boy while making sure the sheriff doesn't spoil your fun! Moonshiners is a resource based game where each character has a different recipe to make moonshine. Using the resource deck, players will find sugar, water, corn, yeast, and barley to make 5 moonshines first and win. But BEWARE!!! There are cops lurking nearby to bust you as well as your competition to try to steal your moonshine! Amount of players: 2-5 Play time: 15-30 minutes Primary Mechanic: Draw Cards, Resource Control Play Difficulty: Easy Player Skill: None/Low Game Manual: Moonshiners.pdf