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Go Behind the scenes

At Dragon Heart Studios we have a 3 phase process in our game design. Phase 1:  Create an idea and write it down.  This process usually takes the longest as it requires virtually every detail of the game to be thought through.  We evaluate how every rule of the game interacts with every other rule and ultimately the players themselves. Phase 2:  Create an early prototype and reevaluate.  This is the most interesting part of our process.  We create paper prototypes of our games, usually through programs such as Microsoft Paint or Adobe Photoshop.  Most of the pieces are made of paper.  This provides an extra challenge when our Chief of Operations sneezes, sending an army or orcs flying across the room!  We use this time to revise any rules or add and take away as necessary. Phase 3:  Create a full prototype and reevaluate. This process requires our graphical team to get to the details of the game board as well as our cards or other pieces.  If necessary, we change our pieces or requirements of the game.  Sometimes this leads to rules being removed or innovative ones added.

Graphical Team (Sneek Peak)

Here is a sneek peak into the process of character development in our latest game Moonshiners!